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Step 1, Is your horse or pony getting enough suitable roughage for the fiber?

A horse or pony needs at least 1.5% of its body weight in dry matter in dietary fiber to feel satisfied and stay healthy. They naturally eat a lot more roughage themselves.

Biodiverse, well-dried roughage with different grasses and herbs is preferred and is a party for a good intestinal flora. Instead of roughage, other (low-energy) fiber-rich products such as alfalfa, carrots, roughage mixes, bran, soaked beet pulp or a ‘light muesli’ can be given.

Preferably, the roughage is analyzed, in any case with a quick scan so that you have a good idea of ​​the amount of sugar, protein, fiber and water that your horse ingests with its roughage.




Step 2, ‘The New Feeding’, the BASICs
The BASICs correct the intestinal flora and thus the digestion of the roughage so that the beneficial fatty acids from dietary fibers are optimally available for the horse. This is beneficial energy that can later be converted by the horse into fats and sugars in the body. In addition, they supplement high-quality nutrients that are not or insufficiently in the normal horse feed (so-called nutraceuticals).

BASIC → for good intestinal function and good intestinal flora. Improves general health, relaxes but also ensures a horse willing to work. → Unique 7 in 1 formula, magnesium (citrate), natural vitamin E, MSM, vegetable omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), essential amino acids, pre- and probiotics and a mycotoxin binder.

IMMUNO* → supports the immune system and supports the cleansing effect of the liver → BASIC + extra support for the resistance or in the spring and autumn as a detox cure. Or for starting ‘the New Food’. It contains additional milk thistle, nettle and organic minerals such as zinc, copper and selenium.

COMFORT** → Protects the stomach → BASIC + extra support for good stomach function and more relaxation. It contains extra insulin (FOS), licorice root and chamomile.

Extra information
● The BASIC, IMMUNO and COMFORT is always started with a 3-week build-up dose to correct the intestinal flora and to optimize the digestibility of the roughage in the appendix and large intestine.
● Concentrate can be reduced during this period. As soon as the intestinal flora is back in balance, it can be seen whether it is desirable whether the horse needs extra energy (courage) by giving concentrates or oil. Additional high-quality protein may also be desirable.
● Extra or less protein and energy can also be added by (partially) feeding another batch of roughage. This is why analyzing with a quick scan is desirable, then you know what you are doing!
● With the BASICs, the first effect is usually noticeable on the coat, it becomes more intense in color and shines more. In the following weeks, other effects will also become noticeable in behavior, endurance and relaxation.

*do not feed in pregnant, lactating, acute laminitis or seriously ill animals. Not ideal even in the middle of the competition season

**do not feed during competitions because of the herbs

EquilinBASIC Startpakket


Step 3 The necessary roughage supplement, the BALANCER’S
Every horse or pony needs easily absorbable minerals and possibly vitamins in the roughage because these are usually insufficient in the roughage. These are in the BALANCER’S

BALANCER → horses and ponies from 3.5 years in a full dose. Or in 50-60% of the daily dose if, for example, 1 to 1.5 kg of concentrate (muesli) per day (horse).

GROW→ animals under 3.5 years but also pregnant and lactating mares. The GROW also contains easily absorbable protein and omega 3 (DHA/EPA)

● The BALANCER and GROW maintain a good intestinal flora, they do not correct it.

EquilinBALANCER Startpakket


Step 4 Important point of attention! SALT
A lot of roughage contains too little sodium and relatively too much potassium. Supplementing the salt requirement is necessary because this is not in a BALANCER (as good as any brand). Sufficient salt ensures that the moisture can be properly absorbed from the intestines, making the manure harder. It also ensures good recovery after physical exertion.

You can supplement up to 15 grams per day (horse) with table salt, which contains +/- 40% sodium. This can simply be done through the feed.

If you want to give more salt, take salt without iodine or a portion of dietary salt if this appears from the roughage analysis.

In case of heavy work, hot weather, transport or otherwise you sweat a lot, then give extra RECOVER → Electrolytes (salts) dissolved in water for effective and quick absorption.

EquilinRECOVER, electrolytendrank in emmer 1,5 kg


Step 5 other supplements and additions

GLUCO → Extra support for flexible joints or for older animals

A lot of other supplements unnecessary because most of the active nutrients are already in the BASICs. Products that no longer need to be given in addition to the BASICs are:

-linseed oil or other omega 3 oil
-extra magnesium
-vitamin E (in most cases)
-supplements to support the muscles
-B vitamins and biotin, which are produced by the good gut bacteria

For specific problems AFTER making the correct diagnosis, another additional supplement may be helpful. Please contact us or another expert about this.

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Step 6 extra energy or proteins

Very many horses and ponies get enough energy and protein from the roughage for 1 hour M of work per day if the roughage digestion works well and the intestinal flora is in balance.

If you start with ‘the New Feeding’, it is wise to reduce the concentrate as much as possible during the first 4 weeks and only decide after 6 weeks whether and how much concentrate is still desirable to supplement.

Of course it happens that a horse works hard and therefore needs more energy and protein. Or because of recovery, age or pregnancy has a greater need. It is also possible that the roughage that is being fed is very poor.

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