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EquilinMAGNESIUM EquilinMAGNESIUM, 100% MAGNESIUM citrate 950 gram

EquilinMAGNESIUM in 950 grams jars, 100% magnesium citrate

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0,20 – 0,40 ct a day for a horse.

Due to depleted farmlands, there regularly is insufficient magnesium in the feed. But also the high contents of calcium in feed are responsible for magnesium to not be absorbed well. In stress situations and in a diminished pH in the body, the kidneys excrete more magnesium. Magnesium is an intracellular mineral. No reliable diagnosis can be ob­tained by determining the magnesium level in the blood. The blood values can be normal, whereas a deficiency is involved. This is because magnesium is released from elsewhere in the body (usually the bones) to replenish the shortages.

25% of the healthy horse population has a proven magnesium deficiency. This is true for even 55% of the sick horses. This became evi­dent in a study by the Dutch National Health Service for Animals in 2008 (Dutch abbrevia­tion: GD). Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is necessary for the functioning of the ner­vous system, releasing energy in the muscles and for the activation of more than 300 enzy­mes in the body. In case of a deficiency, the body starts to release magnesium from the bones, during which process, a great deal of calcium and phosphor is also released. The results are brittle bones and problems in areas where tendons and ligaments attach to the bone, which can result in lameness. Horses with a clinical magnesium defici­ency are often nervous and cannot relax their muscles well.

• Often insufficient in the normal ration 
• Relaxes the muscles 
• Optimises the nervous system 
• Supports over 300 other body functions

In case of a severe deficiency, an effect in the horse’s behaviour is often observed within 10 days. 

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Dosage and ingredients:



Build up*



 6 g**

 3 g


 10 g

 5 g

Dosage once or twice a day over normal feed (moisten, if necessary)

* Build-up dosage during 3 weeks

** 1 spoonful contains 10 grams of magnesium citrate, this is 1.6 grams of elementary magnesium

Side effect: not given to horses with kidney insuffiency

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