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EquilinRECOVER, electrolyte drink in bucket 4 kg

EquilinRECOVER, electrolyte drink in bucket 4 kg

EquilinRECOVER optimizes the water balance, supports the immune system, speeds up recovery and calms the stomach.

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Sweating is a way for the horse to loose heat. By the evaporation of water on the skin, the body is able to cool down. Horses sweat much less effectively than other animals and people, the result being that heat accumulates increasingly in the body as long as the animal is at work. A horse can sweat 6 to 20 liters per hour, so dehydration can take place easily.

When people sweat, they discharge water, after which the electrolytes (salts) follow. With the consequence that the concentration of salts in the body increases and the water content decreases (hypertonic climate), resulting in a thirst stimulus. Drinking water will ensure that the water is absorbed passively by means of osmotic diuresis and the water balance is restored.

When horses sweat, they discharge electrolytes/salts, after which water follows passively. The consequence of this is that a hypotonic climate develops in the body (proportionally more water and fewer salts), horses do not become thirsty and do not want to drink easily when they are dehydrated. Additionally, there is no osmotic diuresis in drinking just water. After all, the body thinks there is sufficient water in the body. And it will even discharge the water absorbed with electrolytes via the kidneys, causing the dehydration to get even worse. So, supplementing electrolytes solved in water is essential. Replenishing via feed takes much longer, because it’s need to be digested first. This certainly is not desirable in horses that have to perform.

Dosage and ingrediënts


 No to light work*

 Normal to intense work


 25 - 75 g

 75 - 100 g


  50 - 100 g

 100 - 200 g

Divide the dosage over the day. Solve RECOVER in 5 to 8 liters of lukewarm water. Give a maximum of 50 grams per 10 liters of water.

* 50 g = 3 spoonful’s.

Ingredients: Dextrose, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Magnesium citrate, herbs
Analytical compounds: Crude protein: 0,1%, Crude fat: 0,0%, Crude ash: 37,5%, Crude cellulose: 0,3%, Sodium 11,6%, Vitamin C 29.400 mg/kg

Side effects: not known
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