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EquilinGROW, Stud formula in a bag of 6,8kg for growing horses and ponies. - Copy

Supplement containing organically bound vitamins and minerals, with naturally produced vitamin E, prebiotics, essential amino acids, phosphorus and calcium: for growing animals.

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A horse that solely gets fed forage (from mosty rye- grass) has a problem, on the long run it will not be able to keep the body healthy. This is due to the fact that the levels of selenium, zinc, copper and sodium - and in winter also vitamin E - in forage are low.  Also the levels of good proteins in forage are frequently low, as are the levels and proportions of calcium and phosphorus.

To get some certainty on the quality of your forage we recommend you having your forage analysed.

EquilinGROW is a palatable cube which on the basis of averages is a good completion of ratios for your young horse to grow up healthily and strong.

EquilinGROW contains:

  • Essential amino acids (proteins)
  • Organic, easily digestible minerals
  • On the basis of average forage shortages
  • Prebiotics for the digestion of sugars and proteins and a good intestinal flora
  • Natural vitamin E and easily digestible selenium
  • Omega 3 from linseed and DHA for good growth and mental development
  • Does not contain iron

One bag contains 6.8 kg. This is sufficient for a one (1) month supply on average.

Next to EquilinGROW also offer the youngsters a salt lick. When the forage is stalky feed at least half a kilo of lucerne a day, next to the daily supply of forage.

If a longer period only roughage fed the dose may be doubled for 10/12 days, it is also intended to encourage a healthy intestinal flora.

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Dosage and ingredients:



Model horse target weight 600 kg

0,2 - 0,5 year

85 grams / 100 kg

200 grams

0,5 - 1 year

60 grams/ 100 kg

230 grams

1 - 2 year

50 grams / 100 kg

250 grams

2 - 3,5 years

40 grams / 100 kg

220 grams

mare 8 - 11 month in foal

45 grams / 100 kg


When for a prolonged amount of time the horse has been fed solely forage, then the dosage of EquilinGROW can be doubled for 10-12 days, this will also boost the intestinal flora. 

You can start feeding EquilinGROW to the mare when she is still in foal or lactating, then start feeding the foal when he is starting to eat himself.

Composition: apple pulp, linseed flakes, crushed carobs pod, linseed fibres, apple molasses, lecithin, sunflower oil

Analytical components:  crude protein 7,7 %, crude fat 7,1 %, crude fibre 7,4 %, crude ash 37,5 %, calcium 80,82 g, phosphorus  73,36 g, sodium 7,98 g, magnesium 22,0 g, sugar 72,5 g

Additives/kg 1b306(ii) Antioxidants strong tocopherol containing extracts of natural origin 3.2mg, Binding agents sepiolite (E562) 70mg.

Trace elements 3b410 copper (copper chelate of the hydroxy-analogue of methionine) 396mg, 3b607 zinc (Zn-chelate from glycine hydrate) 1405mg, 3b506 manganese (Mn-chelate from glycine hydrate) 264mg, iodine (calcium iodate anhydrate 3b202) 12 mg, 3b8.12 selenium (Se-organic CNCM I-3399 no. 3b8.12) 2.87 mg, E8 selenium (Sodium selenite) 1.34 mg

Vitamins 3a672a Vitamin(e) A 100050 IE, 3a671 Vitamin(e) D3 33350 IE,  3a300 Vitamin(e) C 1051 mg, 3a700 (D-alfatocoferol) Vitamin(e) E 1400 mg, 3a316 Vit B9 Folic Acid 108 mg, 3a880 Biotin(e) 8 mcg, Cholin(e) 600 mg

Intestinal flora stabilisers 4b1702 Saccharomyces cerevisae Sc47 50000 MCFU/kg

Store in a cool and dry place

Side effects: Non known. Individual hypersensitivity to a specific ingredient can occur.


Jana Predanic 20-05-2020 14:25

Dit jaar voor het eerst Grow gebruikt voor de drachtige merries samen met lucerne. Merries zijn fit en ze zien super uit. De eerste is vorige week geveulend van een gezonde en sterke veulen. Grow is uniek voer voor de fokkerij.

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