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IMMUNO test bag 400 gram

EquilinIMMUNO is EquilinBASIC with added liver herbs, nettle and organically bound minerals. EquilinIMMUNO is Horses 'Product of the year 2016’ in the Netherlands!

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Test packaging for the taste. Beware, it's about habituation! First mix a little bit with 'tasty' food and build it up quietly. 90% of the horses will eat it without problems. If you subsequently proceed to the online purchase of a starter package, you will receive a 4.5 euro discount.


EquilinIMMUNO supports the immune system of the body, it cleanses the body and aids in the recovery of injured tissues. IMMUNO is a valuable addition to the feed of horses during the following situations:

  • IMMUNO improves the recovery time in times of illness, it detoxifies the liver and builds the liver up.
  • IMMUNO eases inflammatory reactions, reduces stress and improves recovery of the tissues.

IMMUNO can only be used 6 to 8 weeks at a time, due to the function of the herbs. In the case of chronic conditions, use of EquilinBASIC and IMMUNO can be alternated. Depending on the severity and cause of the condition, but also depending on the changes made in the management of the horse, the problems can either diminish or completely disappear.

To start a regular sized (550kg) horse up on IMMUNO, 2 bags are needed. This is enough to supply a horse for the first 6 weeks.

In the first couple of weeks a so called detoxifying reaction can occur: built up toxins are leaving the body causing the horse to feel less fit than normal. This will show up as a slight lethargy in the horse.

After 3 to 5 weeks the first positive changes can be seen in horses. After 6 weeks the horse will improve further when subsequently EquilinBASIC is provided.

IMMUNO does contain a complete vitamin- and minerals complex, therefore it can be fed next to any other diet o singular. IMMUNO is FEI doping free.

IMMUNO on its own is not a therapy, however it can be used as a supporting product. Consult your equine veterinarian first for a proper diagnosis.

Dosage and ingrediënts:


                                Build up* Maintenance


250   -350 g

150 - 225 g


350 – 450  g

200 -   250 g

*Build-up dosage during 3 weeks. In case of stress or heavy exertion during a few days, increase the dosage to the build-up dosage

Ingredients: apple pulp, barley, linseed expeller, St Johnsbread, dehydrated alfalfa meal, ground herbs, nettle herb, apple molasses, sunflower oil, linseed fibers, lecithin

Analytical compounds g/kg: Crude protein: 155, Crude fat: 62, Crude ash: 121, Crude fibre 113, Calcium:20, Sodium: 1,2, Magnesium: 17,5, Phosphorus: 2,96. sugar 87,5 Trace: 3b607 Zinc chelate 918 mg/kg, 3b410 Cupper chelate 223 mg/kg, 3b8.12 Selenium chelate 5 mg/kg, 3b506 Mangane chelate 264 mg/kg, 4b1702 Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4b1702) 230000 MCFU/kg, DHA (Omega 3) 2621 mg/kg, 3a300 Vitamine C 4200 mg/kg, 3a700 Vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol acetate 3a700) 2851 IE/kg, Betonite-montmorillonite (1m558i) 0,4 mg/kg, Diatomite (E551a) 155mg/kg

Side effects: In some horses an allergic reaction to nettle can occur, a so called “nettle rash”. This consists of small bumps in the skin and these bumps normally disappear within 24-48 hours. In the event of an occurring nettle rash, stop feeding EquilinIMMUNO. No other side effects are known. Individual hypersensitivity to a specific ingredient can however occur. Horses suffering from kidney failure can have problems with high blood levels of magnesium. Consult your veterinary surgeon before use.

Contraindications: in horses prone to laminitis, pregnant and lactating mares and co-administration of oral macrolides (special antibiotics).

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