EquilinCOMFORT horse feed starter pack

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2 BASIC bags and 1 BALANCER bag. This is enough for a horse for 2 months.

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EquilinCOMFORT is a BASIC that, in addition to stimulating a good intestinal flora, protects the stomach, stimulates a good stomach function and provides extra relaxation.

The main ingredients of the BASIC are: magnesium, vitamin E, MSM, vegetable omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), essential amino acids, pre- and probiotics and a mycotoxin binder. To this has been added: licorice root, chamomile and FOS (inulin)

COMFORT is intended for daily feeding to the horse, in addition to good (preferably analyzed) roughage ( max 1 hour without, possibly with slow feeders) and a complete vitamin and mineral supplement (e.g. EquilinBALANCER) and a minimum to no concentrates. It should be given for at least 6 weeks. Result is optimized if stress stimuli are also removed.

Due to the higher build-up dose during the first 3 weeks, a horse needs 2 bags for the first 6 weeks. After that, 1 bag per month is sufficient for an adult horse. The build-up dose can be given for a few days around stressful situations.

The product can be fed continuously, but an occasional stopping period of 7 - 10 days is recommended. 2 days before competitions you have to stop for 2 days and give the BASIC.

COMFORT does not contain a complete vitamin and mineral complex, so it can be given in addition to any ration. Also available as loose bag of horse feed.

Dosage and ingredients EquilinCOMFORT horse feed:

Structure* Maintenance sport / indication
Pony 250 - 350 grams 150 - 200 grams
Horse 350 - 450 grams 200 - 250 grams

*Build-up dose for 3 weeks. In case of stress or heavy exertion for a few days, increase the dose to a build-up dose.

Side effects: Licorice can cause problems in animals with high blood pressure. Horses with kidney failure can have problems with a too high magnesium level in the blood. Consult the vet for a proper diagnosis.

Avoid simultaneous oral administration of macrolides (certain antibiotics which are only prescribed as 3the choice for infections in foals).


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