EquilinGROW starter pack

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EquilinGROW, a BALANCER for growing horses and ponies and pregnant and lactating mares.

  • Starter package is 1 bag GROW + storage bucket + measuring cup

from +/- 1.32 ct per day for a growing horse.

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Equestrian food starter pack for growing horses

EquilinGROW is a tasty BALANCER and includes:

  • Essential amino acids (proteins)
  • Organically easily absorbable minerals
  • Pre- and probiotics for the digestion of sugars and proteins and a good intestinal flora
  • Natural vitamin E and easily absorbable selenium
  • Omega 3 from linseed and DHA and EPA from algae
  • Without added iron

1 bag is sufficient for about 1 month for a growing horse. Order EquilinGROW as a single bag here. Or try it out cheaply with our GROW trial package.

Dosage and ingredients:

Dosage example horse target weight 600 kg
0.2 - 0.5 years 85 grams / 100 kg 200 grams
0.5 - 1 year 60 grams/100 kg 230 grams
1 - 2 years 50 grams / 100 kg 250 grams
2 - 3.5 years 40 grams / 100 kg 220 grams
Mare 8 - 11 months gestation.


45 grams/100 kg Lactering mare + 50% recommended mare feed

If only roughage has been fed for a longer period of time, the dosage can be doubled for 10 /12 days, this is also to stimulate a good intestinal flora.

Very suitable for the last months of pregnant mares. In combination with extra protein (for example alfalfa or soya) in the last few weeks, a little mare food can be fed to allow the intestinal flora to get used to it.

Side effects: Not known. However, individual hypersensitivity to a specific ingredient can always occur.


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