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How it all started

Equilin – Experience the best!

Ten years ago, two equine veterinarians with a passion for horses, started the development of EquilinBASIC. This innovative supplement was created based on dissatifsfaction with the current availability of supplements in the Netherlands Directly after developing EquilinBASIC, Annette, one of these veterinarians, continued with developing a new product line of improved horse feed. With a new vision on feeding, equine health and welfare these products meet the modern standard of sustaining a happy healthy horse. More and more customers of Equilin are experiencing the benefits of their products. It is the new generation of veterinarians, therapists and experts that are recommending the Equilin products and this new way of feeding.


The Equilin® feeding concept

Many health problems are caused by an incorrect or outdated feeding management. The new way of feeding by Equilin®, offers a completely balanced feeding advice, including a matching range of products based on the latest scientific knowledge. These specially selected products improve the health and recovery of your unique horse. This advice is based on the general recommendation that roughage (fibers) should be the base of every horse its diet. Together with the newest feed technologies it is a step to turn your horses into a fit and happy athlete. 


Allow your horse to be a happy athlete with the innovative horse nutrition of Equilin®

It is time to adapt the feed rations of your horse right now! We will explain why: Ten years ago it was advised to feed 1 kg hay per 100 kg bodyweight of your horse. This resulted in nutritional deficiencies forcing owners to feed large amounts of concentrates.


However, the current statistics show that the horse needs at least 1,5% of their bodyweight in dry matter (DM) of fibres in roughage, to prevent nowadays common problems like colic, gastric ulcers and stereotypical behaviour. This is 2 kg of hay per 100 kg bodyweight.


As a result of these findings the roughage intake as well as the sugars and protein are doubled. Therefore, concentrates have often become unnecessary. The one thing that remains important is adding minerals and some vitamins to the diet of the horse because roughage by itself does not contain all the essential nutrients. And it is important to balance the intestinal bacterial flora to properly digest the fibers into fatty acids, that is the original energy system of every horse.


Sport horses, even high levelled sport horses, can deliver a great performance on a diet that exists out of enough and suitable roughage and as little as 1 till 2 kg of concentrates per day. There are natural ways to enrich the diet of your sport horse for instance with, alfalfa, oils,, barn and beet pulp. This in combination with the Equilin products, other supplements will become usually unnecessary. A smart way to have a fit and healthy horse, save time and money.


The developers of Equilin are always researching the latest developments around equine nutrition. They look at new findings with open mind and collaborate with veterinarians, experts and horse owners. This makes it possible for Equilin to be in the top of its field, well trusted and recommended by its users. Feed your horse smarter not harder.

Start today with our new way of feeding and experience the difference!

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