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How long does it take for the effects of BASIC or IMMUNO to become visible?

Usually, the effect can be noticed within 3 to 5 weeks. This takes two 6kg packs. The build-up dosage for horses with complaints of arthrosis is longer (5 to 8 weeks). This is because there are no blood vessels in cartilage, and the substances take a longer time to reach the joint.

Why don’t BASIC and IMMUNO contain all the vitamins and minerals?

The formula for BASIC or IMMUNO has been composed in such a way that this can be given to any horse. If only forage is supplied, it depends on the quality of the forage whether this is complete or if a separate vitamin and mineral supplement should be provided. A forage analysis can give a decisive answer about this. In horses receiving forage and several kilograms of concentrate every day, the general vitamins and minerals are not overdosed in giving BASIC or IMMUNO.

Why can’t IMMUNO be fed continuously?

When supplements contain herbs, a period of discontinuation always has to be introduced to prevent habituation. If not, the herbs lose their effect and increasingly more would have to be given to realize the result desired. IMMUNO contains nettle and Echinacea. These become less effective after 6 to 8 weeks. It is recommended that BASIC be given for about 14 days and then return IMMUNO.

How can BASIC or IMMUNO be combined with BALANCER?

If BALANCER is fed in addition to forage: everyday without concen­trate or 3 to 4 times a week if less than 2.5 kg of concentrate is fed. And for the completion of performance BASIC or IMMUNO, other dosages can be used. See the table below.





100 g BALANCER /300 -400 g

100 g BALANCER / 165 -215 g


65 g BALANCER / 200 -300 g

65 g BALANCER / 115 -190 g

Are the products consumed well?

Due to the relatively high concentrations of the ingredients in the products, it is possible that the horses take a little getting used to the flavour. 80% of the horses have no problems with the supple­ments, but it is recommended that the build-up dosage is built up in a few days. Mixing the supplements with warm bran or moist lucerne can also be effective.

Where can Equilin products be obtained?

The products can be purchased from the veterinarian and a number of distributors. They can also be ordered via the website www.equilin.nl.

Is Equilin free of doping and medication?

All ingredients used in the Equilin products are free of doping. This means that no raw materials are used of which it is known that they can test positive in doping tests under the FEI regulation. Or of which it may be expected that they will test positive in doping tests in the near future. This is the case in various herbal preparations (passion flower, guarana, ginseng, etc.) We advise against feeding sport horses more than 3 kg of lucerne per day with a view to the threshold value for salicylate acid. National regulations can deviate from FEI regulations. It is the rider’s responsibility of being informed of these.

Can I also give Equilin BASIC to my pregnant and lactating mare?

BASIC is a good supplement for pregnant mares. Especially magnesium has a positive influence on the bones and joints of both mare and foal. In case of a magnesium deficiency, magnesium is released from the mare’s bones, which is accompanied by the release of calcium and phosphor, which results in osteoporosis. Both mare and foal will develop much stronger bones in magnesium supplementation.

Scientific research has also shown that the addition of omega 3 fatty acids from algae and/or fish oil (also from linseed, but this is much less efficient) during gestation and lactation results in stronger offspring that develops more rapidly.

IMMUNO is contraindicated with pregnant and lactating mares. 

Can medication prescribed by the vet to be used alongside the BASIC or IMMUNE?

Equilin products do not replace therapy. Always consult a vet for a good diagnosis first. Always inform your vet of the use of Equilin products in case of necessary veterinary treatment. In most regular therapies, Equilin products will have a supporting effect. The final judgment of this is up to the treating vet.

Are there any known side-effects in the use of Equilin products?

In horses with kidney problems, it is possible that they are unable to excrete a surplus of magnesium, due to which dangerous values can develop in the blood. As a rule, horses with kidney failure are very sick. Always consult the vet in case of doubt.

In principle, all ingredients in the Equilin products are safe in the recommended dosage. However, individual hypersensitive reactions to certain ingredients can occur.

Symptoms like mild colic and dullness can occur in the first weeks. These usually disappear within two weeks. Horses with intestinal complaints should have 10 days to get used to Equilin (BASIC, IMMUNO). After this period, the regular build-up dosage can be started.

In a very small number of horses, an allergic reaction to nettle can occur, the so-called nettle rash (an estimated 1 in 10.000 horses). These are small bumps under the coat, normally, this disappears within 24 hours. Nettle is added to IMMUNO, and if nettle rash occurs,

IMMUNO should be discontinued and/or a transfer made to BASIC.

Can I still feeding another supplement in addition with Equilin BASIC or IMMUNO?

In principle, the Equilin products are safe and can usually be fed with other supplements if they do not contain the same ingredients. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

Why is there no Selenium in Equilin products? Many other vitamin E products do contain it.

As a rule, there is sufficient selenium in concentrate, but increas­ingly less in forage. Adding extra selenium in the form of supple­ments can be toxic and it is difficult for us as a manufacturer to es­timate what quantity a horse absorbs in its total ration. A complete cover of selenium without the risk of overdosing cannot be given in a standard product and the horse’s total ration should always be considered.

EquilinBALANCER does contain a good dosage of selenium (80% of the daily need and can be given daily or a number of days a week, depending on the amount of concentrate that the horse is fed.

The symptoms of an acute selenium overdose are:

• Temporary blindness, colic, diarrhea, shaking, pain, increased pulse and respiration, perspiration, not feeling well.

The symptoms of a chronic (so: long-term) overdose are:

• Loss of hair in mane and tail, lamina coming loose.

Selenium deficiencies (quite common nowadays):

• Problems with resistance;

• Muscle stiffness, coat problems, loss of color.

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