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High time!

It is high time for ‘the New Feeding Concept’. Right now! This is why.

The one-sided, high-energy diet of the modern horse in combination with an oftentimes unnatural stable management leads to many problems. This is obvious if you look at the high number of horses suffering from all kinds of health problems, such as colic, stomach ulcers and stereotypic behavior.

Ten years ago, the standard amount of roughage for horses per day was 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight. For the horse to obtain sufficient nutrients, horse owners had to supplement with a lot of concentrate. In the last couple of years, various scientific studies have shown that this standard is outdated. But this is not all; it has also been found to be one of the causes of many of the health problems mentioned above!

Doubled roughage standard

Instead of the 1 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight, it’s been discovered that horses need at least 1.5% of the body weight in DM (dry matter) in fiber / roughage. That is 2 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight.

The statistics confirm that many health problems can be prevented when the amount of roughage fed to the horse is doubled.

Healthier feeding management

These new insights have changed the general idea of ​​how to keep a horse healthy. “The New Feeding Concept” is therefore nothing more than a new, healthier feeding system that responds to the latest insights with regard to horse nutrition and health.

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